Led mapping for the people

Our solutions support popular DIY hardware such as Arduino, Raspberry PI enabling open-source community to create dazzling led mapping applications.

Everybody uses LED’s but very few are mastered it’s art since it requires extensive know-how of hardware and computer graphics to tame them.

Motionstrip provides technologies that enables its user to utilize their favorite graphics platform to create content. With our solutions, you can create content for LED’s with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Aftereffects, Touchdesigner, VVVV or Adobe Premiere.

Unlike other solutions in the market, we provide low level access to pixel space and real-time or interactive video and texture mapping for the LEDS.

We developed an advanced LED Mapping software that enables non linear topography mapping and pixel streaming through network.

We developed LED player client running on Raspian Linux to enable open hardware support. We also have an experimental support for Orange Pi and Banana Pi.

We have a networked / streaming / sd player for all arduino types.