What do we do?

Advanced Software Development

  • Interactive LED mapping solutions
  • Cross media (LED’s / projector / screen) content synchronisation and video and interactive content management
  • Computer vision, motion tracking applications
    (OpenCV integrations, Pat. Pending custom detector)
  • Real-time 3d motion-graphics and mapping installations
    (Using Touchdesigner & 4v & Openframeworks & OpenGL  )
  • Real-time multi sensor data processing and visualization applications
  • Social media and internet integration of projects ,
    Backend, RestAPI and Frontend applications
  • WebGL, Unity, iOS ve Android application development and project integration

Hardware design & manufacturing

  • Custom LED grid / surface design & implementation
  • Custom LED driver design and manufacturing
  • IOT hardware design and prototyping
  • ARM, Atmel, FPGA compatible hardware and firmware development
  • Sensor and motor control applications
  • Mechanic & Mechatronic applications

Industrial and Architectural Design

  • Product Design & Prototyping
  • Interior/Exterior interactive light art applications.
  • Kinetic wall, interactive storefront design.
  • Interactive  fair / showcase stand design.
  • Techno & modular furniture design and manufacturing.