Motionstrip Ltd. is a digital studio that can develop advanced software, design and manufacture embedded hardware, supporting them with integration and field abilities. 

We are specialized in;

  • Developing Mapping software
  • Open Hardware LED Drivers (RPI3 / STM / Atmel )
  • Manufacturing LED Mesh Screens
  • Interactive 3D applications (VR/AR/Sensory/Kinect/Unity/DirectX)
  • Sensory driven embedded projects with network abilities
  • Industrial and network systems development
  • Drone applications

What do we do?

Advanced Software Development

  • Interactive mapping software/hardware solutions
  • Cross media (LED’s / projector / screen) content synchronisation and video and interactive content management
  • Computer vision, motion tracking applications
    (OpenCV integrations, Pat. Pending custom detector)
  • Real-time 3d motion-graphics and mapping installations
    (Using Touchdesigner & 4v & Openframeworks & OpenGL  )
  • Real-time multi sensor data processing and visualization applications
  • iOS and Android application development and project integration
  • Distributed Network Applications

Hardware design & manufacturing

  • Product Design & Prototypin
  • Custom display grid / surface design & implementation
  • IOT hardware design and prototyping
  • ARM, Atmel, FPGA compatible hardware and firmware development
  • Sensor and motor control applications
  • Mechanic & Mechatronic applications

Who we are ?

We love to make art !

Motionstrip is forged by a a multi discipline team with members who lives to create and combine mixed art with technology.

We are a team of veteran computer gurus, designers and artists.

We approach technology design as a form of art. Always aiming to provide cutting-edge designs and solutions that will generate added value to our clients or users process.

We occasionally make music at office. We have an official band : Mars Empire

We are always looking out for bright minds to join  our team 

Motionstrip mobile screen

Motionstrip Mobile Screen

Mobile screen solution, very easy to transport and install, can operate mobile:

Suitable for outdoor activities and events.
Data redundant LEDs
Can be installed to vehicles.
Can be carried by activity personnel
Can operate on batteries up to 2 hours (with build in batteries)

  • 65″ Diagonal Size
  • Ultra light weight design , total 2.5kg (w/o battery)
  • Mesh / semi transparent structure
  • Opposite side of screen is still visible,
  • Linux based Open hardware driver (Raspberry PI 3 + Motionstrip RPI board )
  • Standalone player mode from SD Card
  • Live content streaming via WiFi using Motionstrip Mapper
  • Multiple units can work with mapping support
  • Silicon coating for water resistance
  • 32 Brightness levels
  • Data redundant WS2813B Leds, can also be replaced if damaged.

    Dimensions : 140cm x 80cm
    Media : 3502pixels , 16Million colors , 30 FPS

2 Hour runtime with internal batteries (10.000ma/5v) ,  Batteries can be stacked
Separate battery for player system
Low power / High power working mode

Batteries are not included 

Motionstrip Mapper

Motionstrip Mapper is a complete LED integration/LED signage solution for commercial and architectural applications.  It provides tools to create curved, non linear or planar LED screens with distributed/scale-able architecture. By Supporting open hardware, Motionstrip Mapper is mapping solution with scaleabilty and cost effectiveness. Its being developed  since 2015 and used on many field applications with various configurations.

We chose to use open hardware Raspberry Pi and Orange Pi to minimze costs for implementation, support or post operation.

Motionstrip Mapper has;

Fast LED driver firmware for Raspberry Pi and Orange Pi.
Motionstrip LED Player enables users to drive up to 5,000 LEDs per Rapsberry Pi.  It is most cost per led efficient addressable LED driver solution in the market.

Offline mode
Motionstrip Player running on raspberry Pi can work in offline using data on USB drive. Player can also record any live sessions or replay the files rendered by Motionstrip Mapper.

High Frame, RGB True color , Grayscale LED driving support
Each Pi can drive up to 4 software or 2 hardware DMA buses. Hardware DMA enabling each bus to support up to 2500 LEDs at 25 fps. Its possible to increase LED count per bus at cost of fps.

Free Topography Support
Users can implement free vector scanlines, enabling production of non planar, curved or irregular LED displays besides of rectagular displays.

Display/Map parts of a scene to multiple displays
Users can map different parts of input image to multiple Raspberry Pi clients Enabling possibility of most immersive led mapping LED applications.

Can scale up to 255 Raspberry Pi per Interface.
With Motionstrip Mapper it is possible to design and implement massive led mapping applications. Utilizing TCP/IP protocol, system can be  distributed to unlimited distances with best possible latency.

Last-In-First-Out player buffers
Overall system reaction speed is very fast. 1 frame latency on 5000 leds. This makes possible to use Motionstrip Mapper on live or synchronized content.

Multiple input device support

  • Video Input
    • Playlist management for Videos
    • Scheduling support for playlist
    • Stored scaling and position for videos.
  • DirectX Camera Input
  • Spout Texture sharing Input
    • Can Integrate with all industry standard applications
      • Touchdesigner , VVVV , Resolum , Arkaos and many others
  • DXGI and GDI Screen Capture Input
    • Use your LED Screen as a PC screen. Map visuals of any application to your LEDs.