Motionstrip Ltd. is a digital studio developing advanced software, designing and manufacturing embedded hardware, supporting them with integration and field abilities.

We are proud to announce that our newest product "Popilight" is released.

We are specialized in;

  • Software development
  • Mobile application development
  • Open Hardware LED Drivers (RPI3 / STM / Atmel )
  • Manufacturing LED Mesh Screens
  • Interactive 3D applications (VR/AR/Sensory/Kinect/Unity/DirectX)
  • Sensory driven embedded projects with network abilities
  • Industrial and network systems development
  • Drone applications

Advanced Graphics Software

  • Interactive LED mapping solutions
  • Cross media (LED’s / projector / screen) content synchronisation and video and interactive content management
  • Neural Networks, Computer vision, motion tracking applications
    (OpenCV integrations, Pat. Pending custom detector)
  • Real-time 3d motion-graphics and mapping installations
    (Using Touchdesigner & 4v & Openframeworks & OpenGL )
  • Real-time multi sensor data processing and visualization applications
  • WebGL, Unity, iOS ve Android application development and project integration

Hardware design & manufacturing

  • Custom LED grid / surface design & implementation
  • Custom LED driver design and manufacturing
  • IOT hardware design and prototyping
  • ARM, Atmel, FPGA compatible hardware and firmware development
  • Sensor and motor control applications



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